What do you notice on your way

to the train station each morning,

or creeping along the tolled freeways in your car,

or sitting at the kitchen table

amidst the noise of a family dinner,

or watching a young child hurtling

around the place chasing the hapless family pet dog or cat?

What are the things that really matter to you?

How have you worked out

where you fit in the scheme of things?

Who do you listen to?

How do you use moments of calm, silence, solitude?

What inspirations do you experience?

This collection of poems is revealing of

how accessible inspiration can be.

You can be hit by flashes in the most unexpected of ways.

These poems represent some of the things

that have flashed the author’s mind

over the last little time.

Enjoy, reflect, respond.


When the computer arrived in 1984 at Dandenong TAFE where John Camillo then worked, he asked his students to use word processing to prepare their papers around a program of activities that made traditional classroom formats obsolete. Their work astounded him. And so, now, he writes. This collection is the first of his observations to leak into the public domain. More will follow.

Tangled Twine

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