I highly recommend this book. It offers authentic hope. With an elegant simplicity, accompanied by real depth, it sets out how our mind works, how our mind so profoundly influences our life, and how we can use meditation to get the best out of just about everything we do. Read this book. Follow its advice. Be prepared for good health and a happy life.

 ~ Ian Gawler OAM, from the Foreword


Pauline McKinnon has explained Meares and his Stillness Meditation simply, instructively and heroically. Most intriguing – and helpful – is her interpretation of the physiological changes that take place when we learn the art of meditation through her clear, easily understandable instruction.

 ~ Desmond Zwar, author of Doctor Ahead of His Time 


There is no longer any doubt that meditation, as Pauline McKinnon tells us, is the premier way of dealing with stress and depression. The meditative practice of stillness that she thoroughly outlines in this elegant book is an excellent one.
 ~ Mahamandaleshwar Swami Shankarananda, author of Happy for No Good Reason


Pauline McKinnon is the expert on the Stillness Meditation technique created by Dr Ainslie Meares. She reviews meditation techniques and discusses practical approaches to learning meditation in an easy to follow format.
 ~ Professor Avni Sali, Director, National Institute of Integrative Medicine; President, International Council of Integrative Medicine


I warmly endorse this heartfelt tribute to Dr Ainslie Meares and his impact. Even to read the book has a calming effect. A valuable contribution to the ever-widening practice of meditation in our time.
 ~ Rev. Dr John Dupuche, Lecturer, Catholic Theological College, East Melbourne


Her devotion to her teacher is palpable in every page of the book. It will appeal to a wide audience of readers interested both in the contemporary history and evolution of the therapeutic uses of meditation pioneered by Dr Meares.
 ~ Dr Craig Hassed, Founding President, Australian Teachers of Meditation Association

Living Calm in a Busy World

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  • PAULINE McKINNON is a family therapist and a leader in
    the field of meditation teaching. She has over 30 years’ personal and professional experience in the treatment of anxiety. Pauline’s story, In Stillness Conquer Fear, effectively pioneered today’s public awareness of anxiety disorders. She established the Stillness Meditation Therapy Centre and opened the way for teaching meditation to children
    through her book Quiet Magic.

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