‘The practical living out of our decisions as Catholics at this point in time requires us to speak out frankly and fearlessly in the way that Bishop Pat Power has done so often. This book will inspire us on the way. [It] is a valuable companion to have on our journey.’

 ~ Marilyn Hatton


As priest and bishop, Pat Power spoke on many occasions and in many forums on the issues and themes of modern life. This book is a collection of such pieces. They come from homilies, occasional addresses, newspaper opinion pieces, letters and personal reflections. They cover a wide range of topics, and always with an openness and humble respect.


When Pat Power was appointed bishop in 1986, he says, ‘many of the people closest to

me told me not to turn away from being my real self. That advice in some ways was easy enough to adopt because I was in my home diocese, and, surrounded by family and good friends, there were plenty of people to remind me of my humble origins if I became too big for my boots.’


Pat Power sees himself as part of the pilgrim church, ‘a people on the move, with a sense of adventure, supporting and encouraging one another, sometimes getting a bit lost or bloodied, sometimes questioning the path they have taken, but ultimately believing that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.’


‘His viewpoint, offered in simple but direct language, is often received with relief as a beacon of commonsense and hope.’ 

 ~ Rose Marie Crowe,  Catholics for Renewal


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Joy and Hope: Pilgrim Priest and Bishop

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