The Gospel of John has always been a difficult book to interpret: it has proved enigmatic and even opaque. this book demonstrates that the present text has followed a long and tortured journey from Jewish gnosticism to Christian gnosticism and into roman Christianity. the result is a surprising re-reading both of the earlier versions of the text and the editing done by the roman Christians. it throws light on a different Jesus to the canonical one, a different Mother, a different sister Mary and a different Mary Magdalene who was called the Beloved disciple in the gospel text.


"Robert Crotty demonstrates by means of historical-critical and literary research that John’s Gospel is radically different to the other three gospels. It is grounded not only in early Christian traditions but also in non-canonical Gnostic writings that were never officially recognised by the Christian church. This book is a bold, brilliant unearthing of the religious roots of the Gospel of John."

~ Dr Norman Habel, editor of The Earth Bible Project (from the Foreword)


"This inspiring, scholarly work is a refreshing challenge to the current obsession with the search for an historical Jesus. Crotty instead liberates the complex spirit of the early Christian centuries through a non-literal exploration of the text of John’s Gospel. To the reader, open to this challenge to orthodoxy, come insights of a vitalizing nature into the lived experience of early Christians."

~ Dr Robert Matthews, Bsc (hons), Phd, President, Cg Jung Society of SA


"Robert Crotty applies here a lifetime of acclaimed scholarship to historical and literary foundations of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. His exciting insights into the Gnostic foundations of the Gospel of John are ground-breaking, and will lead the way in New Testament scholarship across the church."

~ Dr Lorraine Parkinson, a prominent Jesus scholar, is Vice-President of the Progressive Christian network of Victoria.

Jesus, His Mother, Her Sister Mary and Mary Magdalene

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  • Emeritus Professor Robert Crotty STL (Rome), SSL (Rome), MA (Melbourne), PhD (Adelaide), Élève Titulaire de l’École Biblique (Jerusalem), has studied history, Christian theology, biblical studies and education in Australia, Rome and Jerusalem. he became the Professor of Religion and Education at the University of South Australia and is at present an Emeritus Professor at the same university. He has written over thirty books on religious and related topics.

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