When it comes to prayer, most of us need reassurance. We see all too clearly the poverty of our efforts to pray, the cloud of distractions that eat away at our prayer like cabbage moths, the gap between our words and our actions … Like any good writer on prayer, Fr Pat O’Sullivan knows how we feel.

 ~ Andrew Hamilton SJ, from the Foreword


Here is a collection of reflections on prayer, gathered over a lifetime of

thinking and praying. And, always, the focus is Jesus. ‘Whenever we

treat people with love, care, respect, compassion’, Pat O’Sullivan says,

‘we experience them the way Jesus does. And whenever Jesus is the way

we relate – that is, we have his mind in what we do – that is a Jesus

event and it deepens our relationship with him …


‘If Jesus is at the centre of my life, so that the basic context for any

experience is my relationship with him, then the whole quality of my life

changes. My life becomes a partnership with Jesus.’


As always, Pat O’Sullivan writes in a friendly and accessible style,

with many down-to-earth and often humourous stories and examples.



This book is about things that matter. Prayer is not the decoration on the cake but the flour that goes into its baking, In an earlier period, spiritual writers used to speak about solid devotion expressed in faithfulness to the constant demands made on us in everyday life. They distinguished it from a superficial and emotional faith. his book is solid, but never stolid.

 ~ Andrew Hamilton SJ

I Call You Friends: Friendship with Jesus in Daily Life

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  • Patrick O’Sullivan has been a Jesuit for over sixty years. He has given countless retreats and conferences on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and on prayer. He has served as Provincial of the Australian Jesuits, and in recent times was Spiritual Director of the Australian Christian Life Communities and Spiritual Director at Corpus Christi Seminary, Melbourne.

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