"This is, I believe, one of the most important books to have been written in a time of what, for the Church, is one of intense scrutiny and dark and disturbing exposure. It is an account of personal courage and gracious spirit, and a story of remarkable faith."

 ~ Fr David Ranson


"My journey from childhood to maturity, through being an altar boy, the shame of sexual abuse, to the seminary, then nursing with disabled children, marriage and fatherhood, to legal practice and finally my present life's work as an advocate for other survivors would not have been possible without my mentors: people who shared their wisdom distilled from the pain and joy of life and who showed me courage in the face of pain. I share a vision that no-one should journey in sorrow without hope. 'Child Arise!' offers hope: it lifts the shame of child sexual abuse from 'victims' and presents practical encouragement for ways to access light, vitality and insight in the darkest of times, when suffering seems unending."

~ John Ellis Lawyer and Survivor


"As a lawyer and psychotherapist advocating for sufferers of childhood sexual abuse, I was delighted with the reflectivity encouraged by this beautiful book. An emerging capacity for reflection is integral to trauma recovery. 'Child Arise!' uses biblical language to anchor reflection and yet its genesis in lived experience renders this book potentially useful even to those whose faith has been devastated by abuse by clergy. In the telling of her own story, 'Child Arise!' demonstrates so vividly that despite an early history of sexual trauma, self-awareness, aliveness and creativity can emerge and flourish." 

~ Nicola Ellis Lawyer / Psychotherapist


"This is a book by a victim of sexual abuse for other victims, a victim who has spent countless hours meditating on the scriptures and applying them to her situation. It is an abundant source of consolation and inspiration, not just for victims but for the whole community." 

~ Bishop Geoffrey Robinson


"This spiritual handbook is welcome, constructive and unique, written by a sexual abuse survivor for fellow survivors, responding at a pivotal moment when the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is revealing the nature and extent of this deep societal issue. Here we have a broad range of specifically chosen, biblically based, powerful prayerful reflections enabling

the survivor, of any age and circumstance, to tap into their spiritual selves, perhaps long muted. It is a gentle, informed, non-confronting resource for survivors to reconnect with their spiritUal selves and their God, in a healing and transformative

way, transcending their past and engaging their future."

~ Dr Jennifer Herrick Adult Clerical Sexual Abuse Survivor and Independent Theological Scholar


228 x 152 mm 272 pp

Child, Arise! The Courage to Stand

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  • During a celebration supper on Thursday evening 18 August in Melbourne, SparkLit announced the award and presented the prize.


    CHILD, ARISE! won from a shortlist of ten books announced in July. Awards Coordinator Michael Collie said, “The 2016 short list was our longest ever. This year’s award drew strong entries from accomplished writers. Many are leaders in their professions and fields of endeavour.”

    The judges found CHILD, ARISE! to be “a courageous and historic book. For a church and society yearning for healing and wholeness, Jane Dowling has performed a great service.”



    CHILD, ARISE! THE COURAGE TO STAND is as unique as it is timely.

    The Australian Christian Book of the Year Award is given annually to an original book work by an Australian citizen. This award recognises and encourages excellence in Australian Christian writing. The Australian Christian Book of the Year Award is administered by SparkLit. SparkLit encourages and empowers Christian writers and publishers around the world.

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